What Do To If Your Fridge Smells

What Do To If Your Fridge Smells

A fridge preserves food at a cold temperature. Apart from food items, we also store medicines in the fridge. It is somehow annoying and disgusting when your fridge smells terrible.

Reasons for bad smell

There can be various reasons for bad smells. When food stays for a long period of time, it can cause a bad smell in your fridge. Some vegetables have a strong pungent odor like onion and ginger garlic paste when stored in a refrigerator for a longer period without being stored in a sealed container. It will cause a bad odor in the fridge and make you feel nauseous.

Also, when food stored in a fridge stays longer, it sometimes gets spoiled or rotten, like eggs or bread covered with fungus or yeast can cause a bad smell. It is better to throw away expired stuff. The presence of food debris in the refrigerator is the leading cause of the bad smell.

Temperature can also contribute to spreading bad odor. If the fridge is not cold enough, the food will not be adequately stored and contaminated with fungus or bacteria, which can have a bad smell. Sometimes when you throw out old and spoiled food from the fridge, it leaves some water or juice, especially vegetables, giving an unpleasant odor. Storing your food incorrectly and strong-smelling food can cause a bad odor. Make sure to keep food in sealed containers.

Tips or tricks to get rid of the bad odor of fridge

There are many ways and remedies to remove bad smells from the refrigerator. Fridge fresheners are available which can temporarily deal with the bad odor, but it’s better to deal with the cause of the bad odor.


It is essential to clean your fridge regularly or at least twice a week. Remove everything from the refrigerator and throw spoiled items. Clean the inside of your fridge properly and remove adjustable trays, jars, and boxes. Wash them properly.


One of the best known and used methods to prevent bad odor from the fridge is baking soda. Use baking soda with water and clean the interior of the refrigerator. It’s the best odor remover.


Properly wash out the vegetable trays with soap because sometimes the bad odor stays even if the spoiled food is thrown out.


Sometimes fluctuation of electricity can affect the fridge’s temperature, which cannot provide the proper storage condition. So it is necessary to maintain the temperature. It will also prevent microbial growth.


Accumulation of ice in the fridge can impair the cooling process of the refrigerator, which can retard the storage condition, which leads to spoiling of food and leads to bad odor. Defrosting is necessary to remove excessive amounts of ice.


Vinegar also helps in preventing odor from the fridge. Put a bowl of vinegar in a refrigerator to remove the bad odor.


The first line of protection against bad odor is keeping your food stored properly. Don’t leave any container unsealed; otherwise, the fridge will absorb that odor and stink badly.


Try to keep the fresh vegetables and fruits on the top shelf instead of putting them in a box and leaving them for getting spoiled.


Sometimes the bad odor is not due to spoiled or rotten food. It may be due to a defective compressor. There will be a smell of gas leakage which should be checked as soon as possible.

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