How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party

How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party

Throwing a surprise birthday party is an exciting task, but it can also be stressful. On one hand, you need to make sure your receiver will enjoy it, and on the other hand, you need to do a lot of planning without them finding out. 

Here are some tips to plan a surprise birthday party.

Step 1. Select The Location

The location is one of the first things you need to think about when planning a birthday party. 

If you’re planning a party for your partner, children, or roommate, you won’t be able to plan it at your home. Still, the location should be somewhere where the celebrant feels comfortable. Although a surprise party is exciting and fun, you also want to make sure the person feels good in the space. For example, their favorite restaurant, or a friend’s house.

Also, make sure the location is somewhere near a place they usually frequent. That way they won’t be thrown off when reaching the location.

Step 2. Send Invitations and Find a Team

Inviting the right people is the most important thing when planning a surprise birthday party. Keep your guest list small and simple. Include the celebrant’s close friends and relatives. It’s best you invite them through social media or a phone call, as physical invitations can easily break the surprise. Of course, you need to let everyone know it’s a surprise party.

Additionally, you can also ask some guests to help you plan the birthday party. Having a team will remove a lot of the stress from planning. You can ask them to help with meals, small errands, decorations and one of them could also be the person who brings the celebrant to the event. 

Step 3. Pick A Theme and Prepare Matching Decorations and Menu

Once you have your location and have invited the guests, it’s time for the fun part. To make the party truly special, pick a theme. Try to find a theme revolving around something the celebrant likes, like a video game, movie, or a hobby they enjoy. 

Once you get your theme, you can find matching decorations and tell your guests if there’s a dress code. You can also create themed meals, for example, a cake inspired by fantasy movies or cocktails named after their favorite characters. 

When planning the meal, you can ask the guests to bring something with them. That way, it won’t only be easier for you, but you’ll also be sure everyone will be able to eat something they love. 

Step 4. Create Your Decoy Plan

Create a good decoy plan to make sure the surprise will go as planned. The decoy plan is what you’ll tell the guest of honor they’re going to do. 

Think of an activity that wouldn’t be suspicious as a birthday plan. For example, you could tell them they’re going to a cocktail party, which will also make sure they’re dressed for the party. You can lead them to the party yourself, or choose friends who will do that for you 

Step 5. Reveal Your Party

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Your guests are hidden in the dark or behind furniture, and they’re all waiting for the celebrant to arrive. 

Make sure the unveiling is personalized to the celebrant’s preferences. 

For example, if they love to photograph important moments in their life, you can hire a photographer to capture the surprise. Or if they aren’t someone who’d enjoy everyone jumping out at the same time and screaming “Surprise!” you can simply lead them into a room where guests gradually arrive, until they realize everyone they love is together in the same place.

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