How To Maximize Storage In Your Bathroom

How To Maximize Storage In Your Bathroom

We all want our bathrooms to be the cleanest spot in the house. However, it is a high-trafficked room, so it easily becomes cluttered with toiletries, dirty clothes and cleaning products. That’s especially true if you have a small bathroom.

Here are some tips to maximize storage in your bathroom, and keep it tidy with no effort. 

Use a Spice Rack for Your Toiletries

If your toiletries are cluttered on the countertops, your bathroom will immediately look more messy. A simple way to solve this problem is repurposing a vertical spice rack. Fix it to a wall in your bathroom for tons of additional space. 

Built a Nook for Shower Toiletries 

If you have space, try carving out a nook in your shower. This built-in solution looks great aesthetically and offers a perfect spot to store your shampoos, body washes and other shower essentials. 

Hide Things In Bins and Baskets

Bins and baskets look great in a bathroom, and they allow you to conceal items. You can stack them on shelves, or mount them directly on the wall. Label the baskets to keep track of where everything is, and use them for small towels, makeup and your hairdryer. 

Add a Towel Rack

A towel rack is a great way to utilize vertical space in your bathroom. You can roll your towels, so they fit in the small slots, and use them for other bathroom essentials, too. 

Add Storage to the Cabinet Doors 

Fit more things in your cabinet by attaching small shelves to the backside of the door. You can screw them in, or use a magnetic memo board and magnetic containers. Make sure the shelves are small enough, so the doors can still close. 

Try the Skirted Sink

If you have a pedestal sink, you’re losing the floor space under the sink. An easy way to use this space is to wrap the sink in fabric, and sneak storage containers or a basket behind the curtain.
Attach Magnetic Strips 

Attach magnetic strips on the inside or the side of a cabinet. Use it for bobby pins and hair clips, or small tools like nail clippers.

Use The Space Above the Door 

The space over your bathroom door is a perfect spot for an additional shelf. Use it for your bathroom linens – but make sure you have a stool nearby, so you can reach them. 

Stack Toilet Paper

Toilet paper can take a lot of floor space. Instead of using toilet paper holders, stack rolls in a basket and place it on top of the toilet, or on a small shelf. 

Use Rods In Your Shower

If you don’t have space for a nook or a shelf in your shower tub –  you still don’t have to clutter everything on the edge. Instead, add a rood and attach a hook to hang a small toiletry bag with your shower essentials. 

Simplify Organization With A Lazy Susan 

Spinning turntables are perfect for organizing your cabinets. Use them for your cleaning supplies and other bottles and jars, and it’ll be much easier to reach things that usually get lost in the back of the cabinet.

Assign A Drawer For Every Member Of Your Household 

If more people are using the same bathroom, things often get mixed up and cluttered. Fix this by assigning everyone their own drawer or container, so each roommate or family member needs to take care only of their own space. 

Make Use Of Cabinet Organizers 

There are tons of cabinet organizers on the market today, and you can easily find an affordable option. These are perfect for your countertops, as you can still utilize them, but all of your tools and products will have their own home. 

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