Tips For Improving Your Fielding When Playing Cricket

Tips For Improving Your Fielding When Playing Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular games around the world today. A ball and bat are used to play the game. There are two teams consisting of 11 players on each team. 

There are many rules and regulations that govern the game of cricket that are used all over the world. Players should know these rules and regulations to improve their performance.

We will share a lot of tips with you to help you improve your fielding skill. Keep reading for so many tips that will help you to improve your fielding while playing cricket.

  1. The bowler should know where to bowl the batsman based on the batsman’s strengths and weaknesses, and the fielder should be placed based on the line and length of his bowling. 
  1. Fielding is just as important as batting or bowling, and players have to remain in their positions for the whole inning, so fielders have to be fully active.
  1. Fielders should always focus on the ball and stop it before it reaches the boundary, and if the ball is not grounded after the batsman hits it, then fielders should catch it to dismiss the batsman.
  1. To save runs as much as possible, fielders should be energetic and fast.
  1. Fielders must throw the ball directly to the wicket keeper or to the player closest to the stamps after catching it.
  1. The fielders should use their senses and anticipate where the ball might go after the batsman hits it, and they should cover that area and should stop the ball.
  1. Players should do daily practice or exercise so that they can remain active throughout the entire inning without feeling tired.
  1. The fielders must follow their captain’s instructions and must cover the designated area.
  1. Every ball which is hit by a batsman should be attended as much as possible by the fielders.
  1. In order to concentrate on the game, players must ignore the sound of people in the stadium.
  1. The hand position of every player must be correct when catching the ball.
  1. In the case where the ball is going between two players, both players have to pay attention to the ball because if one misses, another fielder will catch it or stop it.
  1. You must throw the ball on the exact spot after catching it.
  1. It is important that players drink enough water so that they can run and stand the whole inning without becoming dehydrated.
  1. Fielders have to block the ball using their whole body when it is rolling on the ground.
  1. For the fielding team, bowlers are the key factor, so they should try to give as few runs as possible.
  1. During runs being taken by batsmen, fielders should try and hit the stamps.
  1. When another player throws the ball to a corresponding fielder, always go for backup.
  1. Practice and training are necessary for players to improve their hand-eye coordination, judgment of height and speed of the ball.
  1. For players to stay active on the field and to avoid various injuries like hamstrings, a strict diet and meditation should be followed.
  1. Fielders need to observe the batsmen running between the wicket to throw a ball where they can be run out.


To become a good fielder or to improve fielding, there are many tips, but daily practice, a strict diet, and staying healthy are the most important. However, whether the batsman scores runs or not, regardless of whether the bowler takes the wicket or not, a good fielder will always save runs and lead the team to victory. Therefore, fielding and the fielders are the key to winning the game.

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