What are the Basic Rules of Golf

Golf is one of the oldest sports which is still played around the world and is becoming more popular every day. This game requires players to hit balls into holes with as few shots as possible using various types of clubs. 

Scotland was the first place where golf was played, so Scotland is considered the birthplace of golf. Golf is also known as the game of the rich because the equipment needed to play the game is too expensive for average people to afford. 

Although golf has several rules in a variety of situations, there are some basic rules and regulations that are followed all over the world, and these are:

  1. The standard clubs must be used to hit the ball from each hole to the green.
  1. Players aren’t allowed to carry more than 14 clubs in their bag during a game. But, you are allowed to carry less than 14 clubs. In golf games different clubs are used to play different shots, So it’s always better to carry maximum clubs with them.
  1. Players aren’t allowed to distract their fellow players. You have to play your own game rather than disturbing your opponent.
  1. Players aren’t allowed to give advice unless they are your own partner. You have only the right to congratulate your opponent’s good shots but don’t have the right to give advice to your fellow partner.
  1. If you lose the ball while playing, then you and your caddie have only three minutes to search it. The time to search the ball was five minutes but nowadays new rules reduce the time to three minutes.
  1. Players have to play from the exact spot where the ball landed before. It’s also called a golden rule to play where the ball actually lies.
  1. Players have to play provisional if they lose the ball while shooting.
  1. You can ask the other players to mark their ball if you think it will interfere with your game’s shot. But you can mark around your ball.
  1. Players aren’t allowed to clean their ball in any situation but can lift it carefully while playing approach shots. Players only can change the balls when starting a new hole.
  1. Players have to tee their ball within a club’s length of hole. However teeing your ball about 1.5 inches higher is an ideal height in the game of golf.
  1. If any players run out of balls while playing, they can borrow one ball from other players. There is not a ball limit to carry with you but it’s better to carry more than 9 balls as possible.
  1. Players can lift up natural objects except bunkers and water hazards without any penalty.
  1. Players aren’t allowed to repair any kind of damage when they enter the green. Players have to play as it is without even trying to fix any damages on the green.  For example, animal damages, spikes marks etc.
  1. If players believe it to be unplayable according to your ball’s position then you can continue with the spot of the original ball.
  1. Players should not forget to keep their phone away while playing golf because it can distract you and your opponent.
  1. Don’t take too long to play a shot.


There are a lot of rules in this game but we are unable to include all of them but as a player  always remember one thing, fair play is the most important rule in all games. You might lose the game but if you play fair you are playing with grace. In such a big sport, rules are modified in short periods of time so keep updated.

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