Things To Make Your Bathroom Stand Out

The bathroom is considered more than “just a comfort space” for any house. Sometimes, it is also relaxation and a haven where homeowners can unwind and glam up. It is why having a comfortable, luxurious, and vibey bathroom that you will love. 

A standard look of bathrooms speaks warmth and welcoming space where you can rejuvenate and prepare for the day ahead. And in the evening, it is a location where you can not only wash but admire the calming scenery in an enclosed space. 

If you’re looking for the perfect bathroom space ideas to transform your space into a relaxing retreat, THIS IS IT! 

Try Shower or Tub

A showerhead is a suitable option for a small bathroom space most of the time. There are varieties of shower head designs that can still elevate your space, like rain showerheads. This type of showerhead makes the room feel cozier because of its overhanging design. It also functions really well—the waterfalls directly down like rain, making your showering experience relaxing.

If you’re completely changing your space sizes and to luxurious vibes, a tub is a perfect thing to add. Since bathrooms are designed to be private and functional, choose a wide one or an opaque design if you want to soak and dip in a tub after a long day. 

Light and Neutral Colors

One of the easiest ways to transform your bathroom space is by changing the colors to light and neutral tones. These muted colors will create an illusion of vast bathroom space while brightening it and welcoming the whole atmosphere. You can incorporate these colors into the walls or flooring space—a wood floor will create a pleasant and tranquil ambiance.

Statement Curtains

Statement curtains, whether your favorite piece or a neutral, are among your best options. Nonetheless, whatever type of curtain you choose, it is recommended to go up until the ceiling. This factor will make your bathroom stretch the walls and appear pleasing to the eyes.

Add Warm and Bright Lights

Lights play a significant role in making your space appear luxurious and stand out. However, if not put or appropriately installed, your area looks uneven and unbalanced. Choosing a recessed light that provides shine while preventing adding any element to your bathroom design is why. 

Multiple Mirrors

Mirrors serve as a decoration and give numerous space functions, such as it gives a reflection of a wide space. It is why instead of a tiny tacky mirror, putting a big mirror on the wall is much more recommended. But if you do not have a wide space for a whole wall mirror, then putting multiple mirrors is also an option. 

Put in Furniture

Because it is your own bathroom, you have all the means to be creative, especially when it comes to your furniture. However, there is “a must” furniture that you can check on your lists, such as low stool, upholstery, and bench. Small tables are a great way to add because you can place candles and other decorations, plus a foldable chair that is comfortable to sit on. 


Plants are a great decoration to make your bathroom space welcoming and cozy. But its function is more than that since it makes the atmosphere clean and green. Choose a natural plant instead of artificial plants, especially if your bathroom has natural light. 

Purchase A Shelf

Even if you want your bathroom to have the most glamorous decorations, still you can’t forget to add an aesthetic, sturdy shelve. At the same time, you can organize your towels, bottles, and other necessities in one place. 

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