How to Find the Best Blinds for Your Bedroom

How to Find the Best Blinds for Your Bedroom

The main purpose of blinds for your room is to keep privacy decoration and make your bedroom airy. All of you know that there are several factors that make your room look beautiful, and installing blinds is one of those factors. Selecting a bad blind can affect your privacy, your decoration, and the overall appearance of your room.

So, here are some factors and tips for finding the best blinds for your bedroom, not only good for privacy but also decoration.

1. Knowing Your Needs

The first and the foremost factor in selecting the right blind is knowing your needs, i.e., either you want to install it for privacy, or your main purpose is to make your room beautiful and look attractive. In addition, also ask yourself if you want to install it at the windows or the door.

It would help if you also considered your surrounding environment. For example, if you have kids and pets around, you need to endorse more safety rather than only look. Although, there are different types of blinds available in the market. For the bedrooms, we suggest buying Venetian blinds. There are many reasons behind selecting these types of blinds, and some of these are:

  • Venetian blinds are easy to clean
  •  These are light in color, so block light ways to enter into the room
  • These are made of aluminum and hence are durable
  • Perfect solution for both the privacy and decoration of a room.

2. Considering Your Door and Windows Shape and Size

A second most important factor is considering the shape and size of your doors and windows. Don’t go to buy a too small or too large blind which is unable to clean later. Instead, measure the size of the window and door and then buy the one which is best fitted. In addition, we suggest buying a blind which is two inches larger than the size of the window or door. In this way, it’s easy for you to install and handle it later.

3. Selecting the Right Material

The right material is an important factor to consider. It’s better to buy an expensive and durable blind than regretting it each month because the blind does not fit your needs. However, selecting the material also depends upon your basic need.

There are different types of blinds based on material. Important of these are given below!

PVC Material

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) blinds are durable and attractive in look. They can absorb water effectively as compared to any other blind. So, these are useful to install for places that remain wet most of the time.

Aluminum Material

Aluminum blinds are ideal for absorbing heat as they don’t allow passing it into the room. So, if your bedroom is where heat exposure is commonly installed, an aluminum blind is a great choice.

Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds are those which are not very heavy or much light. These are available in different colors. Hence, you can order the one which matches your bedroom theme. You can install it if your bedroom is perfect, i.e., not at water or heat exposure.

4. Considering Color

Most people forget to consider the color of the blind, which affects the overall room appearance a lot. Light color blinds are useful if your room is on the light side. On the other hand, if the room is located on the dark side or away from the sunlight exposure, then a dark color blind is recommended to install.

However, the best practice is to install a blind that matches the color of the overall bedroom, i.e., sheets, paint, and other items located in the room.  

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