What To Do If Your Child Is Overweight?

What To Do If Your Child Is Overweight?

According to statistics, during the Coronavirus pandemic in the year 2020, the rate of overweight children increased to 22.4% which was 19.3% in the year 2019. Yup shocking and disappointing at the same time. For starters, children become overweight when a diet is replete with energy and fats in comparison with the physical activity and exercise they are indulging in. See eventually this unhealthy lifestyle among children will lead to an unhealthy and obese and adult that too with lots of health issues e.g. heart diseases, Diabetes, and cancers etc.

Here are some tips and lifestyle tweaks that parents can adapt if their child is overweight.

Encourage A Physical Activity:

An inactive lifestyle is the bane of one’s health. The first and foremost lifestyle tweak that one should incorporate is an hour of physical activity which shouldn’t seem like a punishment. Hand them their scooters, bicycles, let them play in the park on the rides, seesaw, skateboard, slides, play tag and let them race. Take some to swimming classes or maybe a martial arts class. Start from a 15-minute activity every day and build it to 60 minutes.

Be A Good Role Model:

It is very aptly said that children learn by example. Make every meal a family affair and eat as well as drink food that is actually healthy. Not just healthy eating but choose pastimes and activities that promote health too, for example you can plan a hike, cycling, swimming, or simply going for a walk. Instead of killing your time in front of television or binging on Netflix, make physical activity with your children a priority.

 Develop Health Eating Habit:

It is said that at least 5 portions of vegetables and fruits are absolutely necessary for children. This portion also encapsulated smoothies, and juices. Whole grains, beans and pulses encapsulates healthy eating habits as well. Inculcate low fat or nonfat dairy products like yogurt, cheese and prefer lean meat, poultry and seafood for all the protein intake. If your child is overweight and always hungry, then a diet replete with healthy proteins and fibers will help him feel full for a longer period of time.

 Less Screen Time And Sleep More

The idea of an active lifestyle is to also avoid any activity that can make you sit for hours and that specifically includes screen time. Watching television all day or playing games on play stations and other devices even during meal times is considered to be a highly unhealthy habit and can easily lead to obesity in children. The only maximum time a kid is allowed to watch television is 2 hours. Second most important thing is, let children sleep for a good 10-12 hours a day. Their brain needs that much rest because the less they sleep; the chances of obesity will be higher, according to research.

Avoid Large Size Portion For Children:

Refrain from giving children big size portions and finish everything on the plate. There is very little research done on how much portion size is required in each age bracket. It’s advisable to use your instinct and start with serving them small portions, and serve them some more if they demand. Do not force your child to finish everything from the plate because eventually it will encourage them to eat large size portions resulting in obesity.

Avoid Talking About Weight To Children:

Do not talk about weight with your child or it may severely ingrain body image issues in them. Instead of making them conscious of their weight by continuously talking about it, help them make healthier choices when it comes to food, make junk food a weekly treat and make plans that include lots of physical activities. This is how you can help your child lose weight without them knowing about it.

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