How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn

Don’t we all love to bask in the goodness of freshly cut green grass every morning in our backyards. Earthing barefoot is one of the healthiest habits which is scientifically proven. Now if we want to reap some benefits out of our lawns, then mowing is equally vital for it to remain green and healthy. But do you know how often you should mow your lawn? Because if you mow less, then it looks unkempt and overgrown and if you mow more frequently, the lawn is going to get bare soon. How often one mows the lawn also depends on weather, the amount of sunlight it receives, water and fertilizers that are used.

So, let’s talk about how frequently we need to mow our lawn and how often it’s necessary to keep it well kept.

How Often Should One Mow Their Lawns:

The general rule of thumb is to mow lawn on a weekly basis. But it all depends on how many basic nutrients like sunlight, water and air are getting which determines how fast or slow the grass will grow. The general rule of thumb while mowing the lawn is not cut beyond 1/3 of the length of the grass. The basic idea is that one should determine weather conditions as well as the amount of nutrients and basic rules, and let the lawn decide not when the lawn was mowed previously.

Mowing The Lawn During Spring Time:

Experts are of the opinion that grass grows the fastest in the spring time. Mow all that dry and yellow grass, take out all the weeds at the onset of spring time before the grass turns green and healthy. Clipping the old dry tips of the grass will prompt the lawn to start growing new grass. During the spring season, usually the lawn is mowed every two weeks because the more frequently you mow the lawn, the better it will be to mow all the weeds out before it begins.

Lawn Mowing During Summers:

See warmer weathers and usually summers encourage fast grass growth which is why lawn mowing is quite frequent as compared to dry weather and spring seasons. During the summers, grass grows very fast e.g. within 3 to 4 days which is why it is highly advisable to mow lawn every after 4 days ideally speaking. It also depends on the kind of care you provide to your lawns because that eventually determines how frequently or infrequently the grass will grow. It all trickles down to how well the lawn is maintained that will make it healthier and greener.

How Often Should You Mow Lawn In The Winter Season?

Winter is quite a dormant month whereby grass does not usually grow abundantly because the temperature drops from 40 to 50 Fahrenheit. Now the good news is that since the grass doesn’t grow abundantly, lawn mowing is done less frequently as compared to in the summers when there is adequate sunlight, water and warmth. Depending on the location, lawn mowing during the colder month of winter should be done after every 3 to 4 weeks.

Lawn Mowing During The Fall Season:

Let’s repeat this one more time that it all depends on the kind of temperature, weather and type of grass that will determine the frequency of mowing the lawn. Depending on the place and location, mowing lawns in autumn or fall is done every two weeks. It is also said that fall is the best time to use fertilizers for maximum growth of the grass.

When Not To Mow The Lawn:

The experts are of the view that one has to determine the frequency of rainfall during the rainy season. Do not mow your lawn during the rainy period or when the grass is wet. Mowing on rainy days or wet grass will result in damage to the mower and cause bare spots.

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