Important Skills You Need To Play Ice Hockey

Important Skills You Need To Play Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a match between two teams, each usually with six players, skaters, and competing on the ice rink. It is played on an ice surface almost 61 m long and 30 m wide. The rink is divided into three main parts. The middle part is the neutral zone and includes the central circle where the games begin.

Being a new hockey player can be exciting and stressful at the same time. There are many skills a hockey player must learn, and it is important to know where to start. Becoming a top hockey player doesn’t happen all night. As with any game, constant training is required for flourishing. To be successful, mastering basic skills can take your game to the next level. So let’s take a look at the top six important skills you need to play ice hockey.

First Touch

It is important that you get a good first touch and move the ball in the direction of the space. An example of a good touch is receiving and moving the ball to the right or left, which does not create a direct space between you and the defender. This will give you time to search the ice and determine the next step. To work on a good first touch, work on receiving the ball from different corners and areas of the court.

Skating Skills

Learning to skate well can add another dimension to any player’s game. Since skating is the foundation of the game, developing this skill can improve many qualities, including agility, speed, and spin and spin, according to ice hockey skills training. Skating skills are the most important skills you need to play ice hockey.


 Ice Hockey is not an individual game. it is played as a team. An ice hockey player of any age and skill has at least a dozen teammates to learn. Every goal scored and every match won resulted in months of training to build team energy. Thanks to this synergy, players can quickly decide where to pass the puck and when to rely on their teammates.

In the course of one’s life, everyone gets into situations where they have to use cooperation to achieve their goal.


Regardless of the position, a good pass can lead to important games during the match. You can perform various forwarding styles that often occur in your position. 

Gaimday’s pass is the fastest way to move a puck between players and open spaces. Although there are 28 passes to learn, a give-and-go pass can be first aid. This not only improves technique but also helps with accuracy and mobility.


Having a strong hit is a good skill in your position. Many factors have a strong and precise intervention, such as the position of the head, foot, body, and ball. During the stroke, it is important to make sure that your hips rotate, the weight of your body moves forward and your head is on the ball. This will help make your intervention more accurate and stronger.


One-Timer is one of the toughest shots in ice hockey. A lot needs to be done to be successful, but small things like body angle and position can have a big impact. A difficult skill to perfect, a one-shot is an effective shot that can be used before the defense has a chance to stand up. One-timer requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and is almost time for the shooter. When they come together, defenders and goalkeepers can stay in place, which increases the chances of a goal.

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