Equipment You Need To Start Playing Ice Hockey

Equipment You Need To Start Playing Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a contact winter team sport played on skates, usually on an ice rink with sports-specific lines and markings. Ice hockey is a match between two teams, each usually with six players, skaters, and competing on the ice rink. The goal is to push the vulcanized rubber disc, the puck, behind the goal line and into the net guarded by the goalkeeper. With its speed and constant physical contact, ice hockey has become one of the most popular international sports. 

This game is an Olympic game and there are more than a million registered players worldwide who play in leagues regularly. It is probably the most popular game in Canada.

The Ice Hockey equipment is designed very well so that players are protected during the match. In ice hockey, special equipment is used to protect players. In this post, you will learn what equipment you need to start playing Ice hockey.

Hockey Stick

Your hockey stick is like your weapon on the game ice. After you choose the most suitable hockey stick for you, you will learn to use it and after a while, you will be happy to be a part of it. 

Choosing the right stick for you is also important because you need the right size for your height. It is made of wood and graphite and is 150 to 200 cm long with a flat horizontal extension known as a blade. The blade is set at an angle of 135o, thanks to which the stick resembles the alphabet ‘L’. The blade is 25 to 40 cm long and slightly curved at the tip so that the player can hold the puck on the rink. The dimensions of a stick vary from player to player depending on its height. The stick has a wider blade with a smaller angular position compared to skater’s sticks for easy blocking of the puck at goal cages.


The helmet saves your head and face from injury. This is the most important piece of equipment.  When buying a helmet, in addition to adjusting the helmet on the head, the visibility of wearing the helmet as a goalkeeper is very important, because you should always see the ball on the court quickly. You also want to make sure that the helmet is fully protected.

The hockey helmet has an optional face shoe and is a must for all players. These helmets are made of hard but flexible thermoplastic on the outside, with a strong shock-absorbing lining on the inside to prevent head and face injuries.


 As with helmets, make sure you buy skates that fit well. You tie them tightly, so skaters of the wrong size can hurt your legs. Skates should provide great support for the ankle and steel, as well as hard plastic bowls for the feet. Keep skaters sharp to improve their performance and reduce the likelihood of being caught on ice hockey trails. Skates are very important equipment you need to start playing Ice Hockey.

Mouth Guard

This is another optional purchase for every ice hockey player. You don’t need mouth protection to play, but it can protect your teeth, and studies say it can help prevent rashes. Personally, I don’t know many league players who wear mouth guards, but if it makes you more comfortable on the ice, choose it. This is very important Equipment You Need To Start Playing Ice Hockey.

Shoulder & Arm Pads

Shoulder & Arm Pads is a very important equipment for playing Ice Hockey. It is a key device with a robust exterior made of plastic and shock-absorbing foam inside. Gives players a wide shoulder look. These protectors primarily protect the shoulders, chest, spine, and ribs in the event of a skater collision in the game.

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