How to Help Someone Who has Depression

How to Help Someone Who has Depression

Are you facing a situation where a loved one is not behaving the way they are supposed to be? Are you noticing mood swings, lost or increased appetite, increased drug usage, and non-uniform sleep patterns? Or are they struggling with their day to day life routine? The first thing to notice is that for how long have they been in this state and if there any apparent reason for doing so.

It is normal to feel down on a sudden demise, a loss, or a fight with close ones. You can’t misunderstand it with depression. But if all the conditions mentioned above are for no apparent reason and more than a week, it’s time to roll your sleeves up. They might want help but not know what to do when feeling depressed. Do you know how to help someone who has depression?

Keep reading if you don’t!

Win their Trust

The most distressing feeling in depression is loneliness and being left out. Mostly, the first noticeable symptom of depression is not wanting to socialise. The reason is the depressed person develops this thinking that no one cares for them. So you need to win their trust first. Make them believe that you understand their feelings. Also, ensure them that you won’t be judgmental and will believe in them so that they pour their heart out in front of you. 

Encourage to Exercise

Now that the person has started trusting in you, the next step is to increase their mobility. They might have left exercising or a daily gym routine. Encourage them to restart the routine. If they don’t want to go to the gym, don’t force them to. Just encourage them for a walk by the roadside or in the backyard. A relaxing walk in fresh air is one of the best things to cheer someone up. It will affect them positively, and they will start getting back to a daily exercise routine soon.

Suggest Foods That Help Fight Depression

Depression causes loss of appetite or overeating. Both of them are dangerous. If the concerned person is overeating, convince them to replace junk with anti-depressant food. If not eating, tell them that the well-chosen food intake will help them get well soon. The preferred suggestions are omega fatty acid-rich foods (walnuts), green leafy foods, avocados, apples, berries, tomatoes, and fibre-rich foods. 

Persuade them to get a Professional Help

Depression is not just a state of mind. It is an ailment like cancer, hepatitis or any other physical disease. If a person is suffering from a physical disease, proper care may relieve the symptoms. Still, proper medication and a visit to a specialist is a must to overcome it completely. The same goes for depression. Convince your loved one to book an appointment with a therapist or even a family doctor to start treatment. 

Don’t Babysit them

Depression hit the confidence of the victim badly. The feeling of worthlessness and helplessness surrounds them all the time. Encouraging words for someone having a bad day and helping them in daily chores might be of great help. But don’t forget to set the boundaries. Being there for them all the time will cause them to become entirely dependant on you. If someday you couldn’t give them proper time, the depression might hit them back even harder. 

The Take-Away

Your presence here is the proof that you are worried for your loved one and so searching for the things you can do for them on your part. You just need to know and make them believe that this depression phase is not their whole life. It is just a period of life, which shall pass soon. They just need to embrace it, stay strong and seek proper medical help. 

Do write to us in the comments about how this article helped you, or if you have any further tips.

Take Care!

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