Tips for Keeping Your Children Healthy and Happy

Tips for Keeping Your Children Healthy and Happy

There are so many factors in parenting, but it all comes down to two goals – we want to raise healthy and happy children. However, we live in an age of constant changes, worries, and uncertainty. It can be hard to reach these goals for ourselves, let alone for our children.

It’s easy to fall into thinking that gifts, rewards, and other things that give instant gratification will make our children happy and healthy. However, both of these things are achieved with lifestyle and long-term decisions. Your mindset is what’s the most important. A consistent approach will give your children the skills they need to keep being healthy and happy as they grow into adults.

Here are some tips that can help you raise joyful and happy children:

Get Healthy and Happy Yourself

The first tip sounds a bit selfish. But we’ve all heard hundreds of times that one can’t help anyone else if they first don’t help themselves. The same is true for children, as they usually recreate what they see from us, not what we tell them.

That means you should educate yourself on how to lead a happier and healthier life. Make sure you decide on proper nutrition and begin to change your own bad eating habits. Additionally, make time to care for yourself. Hang out with friends, go to therapy, visit a spa, meditate and exercise. Do anything that makes you feel inspired, confident, and happy, and it will become effortless to transfer that energy to your children.

Improve Your Food

Food is one of the most important things for healthy development in kids. The exact foods you are going to include in your family diet are completely your own decision. However, if you learn more about nutrition and the different paths you can take, you will make the decision with knowledge and intention.

It’s important that your children get all the nutrients they need, and that primarily means eating more fruits and vegetables. Allow them to experiment, so they can find fruits and veggies they actually enjoy eating. 

Research shows time and time again that a healthy diet improves our health and reduces the chance of many illnesses. Some studies have also shown that children who eat dinner together with their family are generally more stable. They are less likely to overuse drugs and alcohol, and have a reduced chance of depression. 

Reduce Screen Time – and Increase Playtime

Encourage your children to play, especially outdoors. Unstructured and spontaneous play is for children what mindfulness meditation is for adults – and so much more. Research shows that children have lost hours and hours of outdoor playtime as our society developed. This huge drop has a negative impact on kids’ emotional and cognitive development. Playtime helps children to feel good about themselves and teaches them many life skills, including empathy. 

You will have a double win if you encourage free playtime and reduce screen time. Research has shown that children who spend more time playing and doing other non-screen activities are happier than those who spend the same time on the screen. Set guidelines and limit the time they spend on TV, computer, and their phone. Make a routine, as it will be easier to follow.

Family Activities

To make sure your children are both healthy and happy, it’s best for you to try and reach those goals as a family. You could exercise together or do sports, to enjoy both physical and mental health benefits. You could play board games, visit different places together, do something creative, cook together, or have themed days to learn something new each day. There are so many things you can do as a family that will create an encouraging and happy environment for your kids to grow.

Remember to listen to their needs and desires, but also to focus on your own. Make a routine to spend time together every day, in a way that excites everyone involved. Once that becomes a habit, it will also become a lifestyle. Your kids will grow into smart, healthy, happy people who have all the tools they need to tackle the world. 

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