How To Host The Best Christmas Party

How To Host The Best Christmas Party

Is it your turn to throw a Christmas party? Throwing holiday parties is all about creating memories and sharing joyful moments. Often when we organize parties, we worry whether everyone will enjoy it, if they’ll get along, if the food will taste good and whether anyone will actually show up. But don’t forget, it’s just as important for you to enjoy the party as it is for everyone else.

Here are some tips that will help you host the best Christmas party and make it a fun experience – instead of a stressful one.

Guest List and Invitations

The first step to throwing any party is creating a guest list. Invite all friends and family members you want to be present – don’t worry too much if they’ll get along. Even two completely opposite people can find some shared interest. Parties are a fun experience, and people will naturally start communicating in a warm and joyful setting.

Make sure you send invitations at least a couple of weeks in advance. That gives you the biggest chance everyone will show up. Holidays are a busy time, and you’ll make sure they didn’t already make other plans if you invite them in advance. You could invite them via email or a call, but handwritten invitations still have a special feel about them. 

Create a Theme and Delegate

If you worry your Christmas party will be generic, you can always set a theme. Basing everything from invitations and food, to decorations and gifts to a specific theme will make planning so much easier. 

Once you’ve set the theme, you can delegate some tasks to your guests. Give them specific assignments, such as extra desserts, bread, appetizers, or salads. If you have a theme, it will be fun to see how everyone interpreted it.


Gifts became a natural part of Christmas, and there are two ways you can go about them. The first is creating your own gifts, like a goodie bag with chocolates and cookies. The gifts you give can be related to your theme to make it even more fun. 

The other thing you could do is organize Secret Santa, choosing a random Secret Santa for all guests. This could be a bit complex if the people don’t know each other at all or if you’re not sure everyone will come up. In that case, you could tell everyone to bring something and assign a number to each gift to play a raffle game. 

If you’ve assigned some sides to your guests, all you have to think about is the main menu. You could either set up a main dinner or create canapés and snacks. Both ideas will work well,  and it all depends on your personal wishes. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure the food is something you actually enjoy preparing and eating. That way, you’ll be much calmer when the day comes. For drinks, it’s always best to have a good mix of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. 

Decorating your home will create a special mood. Since it’s Christmas, you’ve probably already put up some decor in your home. You could only add a nicely dressed table, and atmospheric lighting such as candles to make it more special. 


It’s up to you whether you want to have organized activities or not. Still, creating a nice music playlist or asking a friend to do it is a good idea. You don’t have to organize a dance moment, but people are more likely to dance if there’s supporting music in the background. 

Some people love playing board games, and it’s a good idea to collect some of them from your own home or your friends and place them on a visible spot. It’s hard to plan activities as it can feel forced. It’s best to inspire them, but not plan anything to keep things spontaneous. 

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