What To Do If Grass Can't Grow In Your Backyard

What To Do If Grass Can’t Grow In Your Backyard

A perfectly lush green lawn is every homeowner’s dream. But it gets quite exasperating things a homeowner goes through is to trouble spot the reasons why a certain area or your backyard isn’t able to grow a lushest green garden. Now if you have tried every way like watering, mowing, seeding, mowing, fertilizing, sprinkling as well as weeding but still unable to grow grass, then here are some tips and tricks that might work in your favor and give you your green lawn.

Have Adequate Direct Sunlight

One of the most common problems a homeowner might face is not having enough direct as well as adequate sunlight for the garden to thrive. The experts are of the view that grass needs at least 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight for the garden to grow subsequently. If you are growing grass under lots of trees, or nearby huge buildings or the certain spots that are shaded on the sides of your home, then it might not be a good idea or a great environment to do so.

Supply The Grass With Essential Nutrients

Another possible reason for grass not growing in your backyard is the lack of essential nutrients. The deeper soil needs nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen the most because the lack of these can stunt the grass growth. Look for the signs e.g. lots of weeds, lack of grass growth as well as yellow leaves, can indicate a lack of nitrogen in the soil. Also, the excess use of nitrogen can inhibit grass growth. For the exact amount of fertilizer to be used, the homeowner should contact a professional landscaping company so they can help you with frequency to use these essential nutrients and the best fertilizer to be used.

Your Backyard Grass Needs Adequate Water

Water is the most essential need of growing grass but only when used in the best practice possible. Infrequent watering of the grass will result in stunted growth, and if watering is prolonged, the grass will eventually die. The other reason could be shallow watering because essentially grass needs 1 to 1.5 inches of water every week. Anything lesser than that will result in soil being dehydrated and roots that are shallow which will result in stunted growth of the grass. The other tip is to water the backyard at around 5am to 9am every morning because watering the grass at night will result in growing fungus in the yard.

Do Not Mow The Backyard Grass Too Short

A lush and green backyard lawn depends greatly on the mowing practices. Do not mow the lawn too short or aggressively which will result in thinning out of the grass. The best tip for mowing a lawn is to cut the grass with a sharp blade and cut about 30% of the blades leaving the rest 70% behind for a nice regrowth. Cutting the lawn grass too short is called scalping and scalping the grass will cause weeds to take over the entire lawn and the growth will stop. Refrain from aggressive mowing and allow the lawn to grow back and should be maintained at correct height. 

Refrain From Heavy Foot Traffic

When you frequently walk on the backyard lawn, it will result in soil getting compacted which will impact the growth of the grass. Or if the backyard lawn is continuously used as a playground for playing sports, the heavy foot traffic will damage the soil. To avoid it from happening, grow grass that is foot traffic resistant. Also to avoid lumping of the soil and compaction, use a mechanical core aerator every year once in the summertime.

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