Tips For Choosing The Best Tennis Racquet

Tips For Choosing The Best Tennis Racquet

Are you a beginner looking to start a tennis game or an expert player who wants to replace your tennis racquet with a newer one? Selecting a brand-new tennis racquet can be quite exasperating because there are so many brands and models depending on power, control, feel and precision. Then they are also bifurcated into what kind of playing style and on what level the tennis player wants to play. Depending on all of these features, we have curated a list of tips that will help in choosing a perfect tennis racquet for all of you.

Here is how you can choose your tennis racquet.

Choose An Oversize Racquet For Beginner Players

Are you on your way to becoming a tennis player? Well for the players who are starting tennis, it is highly recommended to get a tennis racquet with a larger head size also known as the “oversize racquet”.  Now why a beginner needs a tennis racquet with a larger head is because a larger frame will not only provide more power but will give a bigger hitting area which will help the player during practice sessions without exhausting the player. An oversize tennis racquet head is approximately around 105 to 135 inches which provides ample sweet spot to hit the ball.  Three things that one needs to keep in mind while selecting a racquet is

Select a Mid-Plus Racquet for The Intermediate Players

The intermediate players are basically the ones who have started to achieve more pace on their own with consistent practice. Hence the selection of tennis racquet can be slightly more advanced e.g. the head size can be comparatively smaller than the oversize racquet and should add a little bit more weight to the racquet because their muscles have already developed to play a stronger game. A midplus racquet (98 to 104 inches) will be able to provide much needed control to the newly developed power so keep this list in mind while selecting a midplus racquet.

A Mid-Size Tennis Racquets For The Advance Level Players

If you are a player who has been on the tennis court as a professional player and would like to switch to a new tennis racquet, then go for a racquet that is “mid-size”. The Mid-size tennis racquets are heavier in weight with smaller head size which provides ample precision, control and feel while playing on an advanced level. The flexible and thin beams of the mid-size tennis racquets with mid-size heads will provide the correct level of maneuverability. These attributes will also provide more connected to the ball feel which allows the tennis players to play their A-game with more confidence and surety. Advance level tennis racquets are appropriate for professional players that generate ample pace on their own and demand lots of control on the racquet.

To Select Pre-Strung or Unstrung Tennis Racquets?

A new tennis racquet often comes in a pre-strung or an unstrung option and selecting the appropriate one comes from an experience level. 

Tennis players who have just started to practice the game can have a pre-strung racquet because these come already installed so you won’t have the hassle of getting it strung. Also, an expensive racquet doesn’t matter in the beginning but only your practice does.

For the professionals and advanced level players, an unstrung tennis racquet is way better because it allows them to customize the strings according to the game and style they play.

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