Unique Bed Head For Your To Consider

Unique Bed Head For Your To Consider

Bed heads sometimes referred to as headboards, can be a point of interest that elevates the looks of your room. They are a stylish piece to go at the top of the bed to add aesthetic and functionality. The common materials used to create them are rattan, wood, and upholstered ones.

Beyond the classics, there are a plethora of low-cost and unique bedhead selections. Some can be repurposed, upcycled, or reworked to make the most sense in a bedroom. It can even make the bedroom seem larger or smaller depending on which sizes, shape, or style is applied. 

Let’s look at some of the perfect and unique bed heads you must consider. 

Upholstered Bed Heads

Adding an upholstered bedhead to your bedroom can add up its warmth while also making a focal point in your room area. Although upholstered have a significant impact, it’s not hard to build one as it appears to be. You only need basic materials like plywood, nailhead trim, foam, and fabric. 

There are many options for upholstered styles, such as color, fabric style, and decorative piece. Weighing what colors to choose is crucial, but if you’re not sure about what complements what—choose white and neutral colors. You top up plain colors to texture fabrics, but floral and stripe patterns will work too. 

Repurposed Wood Bed Heads

If you want an alternative yet similar look from classic wood head beds, repurposing your bedhead is an option. There are numerous styles of woods you can try—be creative. You can DIY, but there are also countless custom and pre-made choices available online in basic bed size range, styles, color, and variety of finishes. The drawbacks when it comes to this one start with the price. If you order online, the price range would be $200 to $500, adding shipping costs. 

Curved Bed Frame

There is hardly anything that stands out over a bedhead in a form you haven’t seen before, such as this curved style bedhead. It can serve as an accent piece that makes your room appears balanced, simple yet unique. If you use curved shapes, velvet fabrics are ideal for curling up against it. 


Who says you can never paint a bedhead? Painting your walls is an excellent idea to create an eye-catching backdrop to the wall where your bed is placed. This method allows you to add your own touch, color, and distinct character to the space. There are endless design possibilities, mainly if you’ll paint them yourself. Although hiring a painter to create art would cost around USD 100 to USD 500. 

Hanging Fabric On The Wall

One of the creative ideas in a bedhead is hanging any fabric type you want that will complement the whole bedroom. You can experiment—hang long material to extend to the floor. Print a favorite image onto plain fabric or decorate it using various colors for an added wow factor. 

Wall Stickers And Art Wall Paper

A unique touch to your space is using parts of decorative wallpaper or pre-made wall stickers to create versatile and elevating bed frames. Compared to paintings, this is affordable and readily available in a wide range of styles. Some of their prices range from USD 10 to USD 100. When choosing, remember that it must resemble a solid headboard, whereas others are intended to be one-of-a-kind backdrops. 

Plywood Bed Head

A misconception many thinks of is that plywood is only a construction piece. Yet, plywood has been a great alternative in making your space bright and fashionable as you put these in the bed head for many years. It’s also great to put on a storage option perfect for summer. Perhaps you want an ideal bed frame for storing books, art, and basic bedtime needs—being creative with plywood will allow your dream bedhead to come to life. 

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