How To Recover From an Elbow Injury

How To Recover From an Elbow Injury

Elbow Injury is the most common medical occurring that happens to both adults and children alike. Not just because of playing sports like tennis, which is a common cause but elbow injuries happen also because of activities carried out by individuals that are not done on a regular basis. For example, activities like painting, grocery shopping, or packing boxes and as common as carrying a briefcase every day to office results in an elbow injury. The causes are quite common, but the early detection is absolutely important for further treatment so as to avoid the risk of surgeries and disability in the later stage. 

The initial symptoms are always pain in the elbow, difficulty maneuvering it as well as swelling. So, here are some tips following a recovery from an elbow injury.

Reduce The Elbow Pain By Applying Ice Packs:

One of the most effective home remedies that works in case you are suffering from an elbow injury is using an ice pack on the affected area. In some cases, it is also recommended to use a heat pack or hot water bottles to soothe and reduce the pain in the injured elbow. In case of a swollen elbow, try applying ice on a regular basis to compress the swollen area as much as you can. P.S do not use ice directly on the skin because it can lead to skin damage instead cover the ice in a towel or cloth and compress it on the injured elbow.

Use Over-The-Counter Painkillers To Relieve Elbow Injury Pain:

Now since the tendons are swollen, other than using ice one should use over-the-counter medicines to compress the swollen elbow. The anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and non-steroidal drugs that will bring down the pain as well as swelling that occurs in tendonitis. Before you take ibuprofen, do read the direction written on the leaflet to avoid any danger. These pain relievers will help ease elbow injuries and pains that happen usually due to playing sports like tennis. 

Limit Your Activities That Will Further Increase The Pain:

The first and foremost line of action that one needs to take after suffering from an elbow injury is to stop or limit all physical activities. Give your arm and elbow complete rest by not doing activities that will strain the elbow for example any activity that involves carrying things below the waist and away from your body. The physical activities include everything that is sports and non-sports as well because they put pressure on the tendons. 

Physical Therapy Should Be Conducted To Relax The Muscles:

Now if you are specifically going through the pains of tennis elbow, then exercising as well as physical therapy is vital to relax the elbow injury. The exercises should be targeted to strengthen the muscles, using all the apt sports techniques to avoid further damage. The continuous exercise motions can lead to elbow disorders so one needs to know when to take short breaks in-between all the strenuous exercises. It is extremely important to consult your health practitioner first before carrying on the exercises to avoid any more injuries. They also make sure that while doing these exercises, underlying issues are not affected.

Do Know When To See The Health Practitioner:

A person who is suffering from an elbow injury should know exactly when it’s time to see a doctor. If your daily activities are hindered by the continuous pain, then doctors will treat it better with non-surgical treatments such as steroid injection or cortisone. Also, if the pain has spanned over several months, then its time to go for a surgery obviously with the doctor’s green signal. 

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