Reasons Why Soccer is so Popular Right Across The World

Reasons Why Soccer is so Popular Right Across The World

Soccer is a global game and is the world’s most viewed sporting event. Soccer originated in twelfth-century England and its popularity has increased tremendously by different names across the globe.

Sports have a way of awakening passion in people, but there are a couple of factors that make soccer different from other sports. The most important one is that soccer is played globally instead of just in one region. Another factor is soccer’s low cost to play and simplicity, which significantly make it even more popular.

Relatively Cheap

One of the reasons that make soccer popular is how inexpensive it is to play. For a simple game of soccer, you need a soccer ball which you can find relatively cheap anywhere for a few bucks. You need to use two objects to mark the goal. The objects can be anything from rocks to shoes, or basically anything visible. The thing that makes soccer so popular is that you can use your imagination to play anywhere in the world without spending huge sums of money.

Easy To Play

Some sports are overwhelmingly complex in their rules and can be difficult to get your head around it. Unlike NFL, baseball, and cricket, soccer is the kind of sport you can make sense of the rule by watching a single match. The basics of soccer are easy: a single match is comprised of 90 minutes, and the players need to make the ball go into the opponent’s goal as many times as possible, and the players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands (except the goalie). However, there are some complex rules like the offsides, corners, and penalties.

Matches Are Short

A soccer match is 90 minutes long, including halftime. In comparison to other sports like cricket, where a test match can last for 5 days and the shortest format T20 International’s game can last for 3 hours. Besides soccer games shorter time, the match has more activity making it engaging to watch. This is also one of the reasons soccer is popular because people don’t have to spend too much of their time watching.

Focused On The Player

Soccer as compared to other sports focuses more on individual players. A soccer game gives you more freedom to play the game with fewer restrictions and gives the opportunity for the players to shine. There are managers and coaches in soccer teams too, but the team itself will have a captain who can change the strategy of the game as they are playing. The skills and technique of a single player can change the outcome of the game. Soccer is all about how the players are going to play the game. In sports, people generally support a team based on the location. In soccer people also become aware of the individual player’s name, strengths and weaknesses, personalities on and off the field, and their history with playing soccer, like David Beckham, for example.

Artful Style

Soccer is accessible and easy to learn on a fundamental level that newer players can have fun with it and have enough nuances where a more sophisticated fan can enjoy it too. Soccer is all about controlling the ball on the ground with artful techniques. The players have to tackle the ball with the opposite players while moving from one corner of the ground to the opponent’s end. The fact that professional players come from all over the world also gives people a dream of one day becoming the best in the world.

Final Thoughts

With all the reasons, it’s clear that soccer has the most passionate fans around the globe. Soccer with its extreme accessibility, low cost, and the amount of fun you can have playing and watching makes it an experience worth having.

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