How To Organize A Themed Birthday Party?

How To Organize a Themed Birthday Party

Birthday is a milestone that comes every year celebrating it with family and close peers is one of the most awaited celebrations no matter what the age. Now if you are planning to celebrate the birthday of your loved ones and are overwhelmed by the do’s and don’ts of arranging a birthday party. Then don’t worry because we have sorted you out. With these tips and suggestions, you will be able to arrange a rocking birthday party. 

  1. Birthday Planning Plays A Key Role:

Preparation is the key for any event to be a banging one and the same rule goes for a birthday party as well. At least a week before, planning needs to start so that one can be sure of everything. The date at which the birthday party needs to be held, if it will be a themed one or not, planning activities, will it be at home or a venue needs to be confirmed, a guest list, food, decoration and duration of the party needs to be decided beforehand so that everything is under control.

  1. Pick A Theme Of The Birthday Party:

What’s better than a birthday celebration at home? A themed birthday party. A theme party is all the rage these days. Once a theme of the birthday party is decided, plan a few colors that will complement the whole theme. For example, you are planning to celebrate your kid’s birthday and he loves avengers then go ahead and plan everything according to Marvel Avengers theme. From the outfits to the themed cake, décor to activities and food, everything has been to be according to avengers’ theme.

  1. Select A Space/ Venue For The Celebration:

If you are planning to celebrate the birthday party at home then you need to decide which and how many rooms to be decorated and used for the guests. But if you are against the idea of parties celebrated at home, then go ahead and select a venue that matches the aesthetics and theme of the party. You can even choose a theme that can be set outside easily for example a sports theme party can easily be celebrated out in the open. Many parents even choose play areas to celebrate their kids themed parties.

  1. Make A Guest List And Send them Awesome Invites:

Now that you have decided on the theme of the birthday party, go ahead and make some awesome invites. Let your creative juices out and instead of sending pre-made cards, think out of the box and send them out to the list of guests. Fill up all the invitations and send them out to the guests in advance at least 3 weeks prior to the party so that everyone has ample time to receive and take out time to attend the party. 

  1. Plan Activities And Fun Time:

One of the most fun parts about arranging a birthday party is the activities and games that make the party all the more interesting and spicier. For kids one can play hide and seek, a Hula hoop competition, scavenger hunt etc. if the venue is a play area, then activities might be sorted out by the venue organizers but if it is at home then plan up games and activities in advance.

  1. Decide On Cake, Food And Drinks For The Party:

Last but not the lease, plan on the cake, food and drinks according to the theme of the birthday party. The party organizers can look up Pinterest to choose the cake, food and drink ideas. For example, if it’s a British themed birthday party then the food menu includes scones, croissants, lemon cake, tea and fruit trifle as well.

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