Different Apps To Help You Reach Your Savings Goal Faster

Different Apps To Help You Reach Your Savings Goal Faster

You are aware that you should save, just as you are aware that you should visit the dentist. That doesn’t guarantee you’ll enjoy it. With so many financial tools and consultants available, putting money aside might feel like a nuisance. It doesn’t always be that way, though.

Fortunately for the tech-savvy, the fintech revolution spawned a slew of smartphone applications aimed at helping you save money — and making it a little more fun in the process.

Read on to learn about the top money-saving apps for short-term objectives like a vacation, long-term goals like a home or a college degree, and bolstering your all-important emergency fund.


This robo-advising app helps you save for retirement very quickly and easily. You can set it up so you are constantly saving for retirement automatically. It also allows you to see your time weighted returns. With the click of a button, you can adjust your portfolio investments.


Digit is a savings tool that analyzes your checking account transactions. The money is then moved from checking to savings on a regular basis in quantities determined by the algorithms as safe to save.

For people who identify as spenders rather than savers and want to delegate choices, Digit is a suitable choice.


Qapital likewise attempts to make saving tiny sums of money simple, but with a twist: it allows users to build up savings rules. 

It can round up your purchases and put the difference in your savings account. When you buy a $4.50 latte using a debit card, the app takes 50 cents from your checking account and deposits it in your savings account. You may also make the roundups bigger by using a rule.

The software is well-known for its visual goal-oriented approach. You may use the gateway as a digital vision board for your money by attaching photographs to your goals.


If you don’t have joint accounts, managing finances as a couple might be difficult. Marriage and shared bank accounts aren’t for everyone, but partnerships come in different forms and sizes these days. Twine, unlike most other savings services, allows you to define and work toward savings objectives with a partner. 

You and your spouse can establish objectives, such as saving for a wedding or a home and contribute to them through automatic withdrawals. They’ll also assist you in investing your funds so you don’t have to traverse the stock market alone.


Mint doesn’t perform any work for you, but it does make it a lot easier to comprehend your money. Mint provides you with a complete picture of how much money you have, as well as tracking your savings objectives and spending habits. You may link your account to your savings, retirement accounts, investment portfolios, and obligations such as school loans and credit cards. That way, you’ll be able to examine your whole net worth as well as your debts in one location.

Are Money-Saving Apps Safe?

To secure your data, fintech businesses employ a variety of security techniques. The safety of an app will differ depending on the company. Examine the terms and conditions to check whether you’re OK with how the firm is treating your financial information.

The Bottom Line

You’re not obligated to refinance with your current lender, but whether it makes sense to move depends on your goals as well as the rate and conditions you’ll be able to get with a new one.

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