Unique Birthday Cake Ideas To Consider

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas To Consider

Choosing a cake for a birthday can be a tedious task to do. Sometimes you don’t want the traditional or boring cake. Maybe sometimes you want to surprise everyone with a unique cake, which tastes and looks incredible.

If you want to give someone a unique birthday cake you should think about what that person loves and enjoys. But you should always remember that homemade birthday cakes are always the most unique and thoughtful gifts to give to your loved ones. So think about taking the time and making birthday cakes yourself.

Here are some of the most unique cake ideas:

Birthday cakes that look like food

One of the most unique and at the same time surprising-looking cakes are ones that look like food. We all have seen cakes that look like burgers, burritos, or chicken wings on the internet. If you choose to give someone this kind of cake you should think about what kind of food that particular person really likes. Do they like pizza, sushi, or fish and chips? 

Ice cream cakes

Another non-traditional cake type is an ice cream cake. This kind of cake can be especially enjoyable for people who love ice cream. These cakes are always a crowd-pleaser on hot summer days when everyone is hot and wants something to cool down.

Number cakes

Our third pick of the most unique cakes is the number cake. The great thing about them is that you can choose whatever decorations you want. It can be decorated with macarons, M&Ms, Kit-Kats, edible flowers, or even with your favorite candies like Sour Patch Kids or Twizzlers.

Layer cake combinations

One of the most fun cakes is layer cakes. You can use your imagination and create a cake with different flavors in different layers. For example, one layer can be a classic New York cheesecake, another can be a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, the third layer can be entirely ice cream. You can also have fun while decorating it from the outside. Use your favorite colored buttercream and sweets.

Favorite movie, book, or tv character cake (theme cake)

Another creative and unique cake style is a favorite character cake. If you’re having a theme party you should absolutely make a theme cake. For example, if your theme is Frozen, you could have a blue and white cake with Elsa and Anna’s figures, or you can create a full-size Olaf cake. 

Rainbow cake

Rainbow cakes are always fun to have on birthdays. You can choose to have only rainbow-colored layers inside, have only rainbow color frosting on the outside or you can choose to have both. Just remember that if you want to surprise the recipient it’s better to have rainbow colors on the inside and have regular traditional decorations and frosting on the outside.

One giant cupcake cake

This type of cake is especially good for cupcake lovers. You can choose to bake and decorate your cake like a regular-looking cupcake. Or you can create a giant cupcake with the surprise gift in the middle. The surprise can be the sprinkles, chocolate fudge, or even a gift.


To sum up everything that has been said above, the most important part of choosing a cake is to think about the recipient. Think about what they love to do, watch, read or eat. Maybe they have their favorite show or main character that they are always speaking about. We imagine they would be happy to see their favorite character-themed cake on their birthday. Always remember to think about the person you’re giving the cake to.

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