How To Know When It Is Time To Take A Break From Social Media

How To Know When It Is Time To Take A Break From Social Media

We all know the benefits of social media. It allows us to communicate with more people, and share our favorite moments in life. For some, social media is also important for business. Still, it is addictive, and we all go through periods when we simply can’t leave our phones, even for a minute. We constantly compare ourselves with others and get into discussions that don’t lead us anywhere.

Taking a social media break will give an instant benefit to our mental health and self-esteem. It’s up to you to decide how you will go about your social media detox. You can announce it to your friends, but you don’t have to. 

You can delete the apps from your phone, or simply decide how long you want to go without social media. Although we cannot plan the detox for you, we can share some signs it’s time to take a break. 

You’re Constantly Comparing

It is common knowledge that most people show only the highlights of their lives on social media. But that doesn’t stop us from comparing our lives with theirs, often leaving us feeling inadequate. 

Although we logically know nobody’s life is perfect, our emotions are still negative, and we constantly think we’re not enough. If you’ve been comparing yourself a lot with others lately, and even started changing some aspects of your life to be closer to social media ideals, it’s time to take a break.

You Can’t Enjoy Anything Without Posting About It

Whether you’re going to exercise on your own, going on a date with your partner, or sharing your lunch with your friends – you always need to post about it. After you do, you constantly check for likes and comments. If you can’t enjoy an activity without posting it on social media, a short break will help you to find enjoyment in real-life fun without the need for posting about it.

You Constantly Check Your Phone When You’re With Others

If you’re more on your phone than conversing when you’re hanging out with friends and family, that’s a big red flag. Even if they do the same, if only one of you leaves your phone aside and starts a conversation, it’ll inspire others to do the same. If you’re not ready for a detox, try to turn off your internet when you’re spending time with others, and you’ll see how much more enjoyable it will become.

You Feel Separation Anxiety When You’re Not Online

Fear of missing out is real. If you don’t know what to do and start feeling anxious when you’re not online, you’re probably close to technology addiction. If you struggle with anxiety, it would be a good idea to take time off your phone for at least a couple of hours every day. Do this until you no longer feel stressed about being without your phone. You will soon realize you’re not missing out on anything important – and that no one will forget you if you’re not constantly online.

It Stopped Being Fun

Social media influences so many aspects of our lives, we started seeing it as an obligation. However, you shouldn’t forget the primary function of social media is having fun. If you no longer feel inspired to post or scroll, but still go through with it because you feel you should, take a detox. 

When social media isn’t interesting and fun anymore, and you don’t connect with people as you once did, it doesn’t serve you at that point. Take some time off, prioritize your hobbies, interests, and people you hang out with in real life. You can always get back to your account if you start feeling the old excitement again. 

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