Unique Bathroom Tile Choices to Consider

Unique Bathroom Tile Choices to Consider

Imagine you are invited to a Christmas party, all set to leave, a gorgeous dress and classy accessories. But wait, did you notice your shoes? Though seemingly trivial, a not-so-good pair of shoes can ruin your overall look easily. The same goes for the bathroom at your home. A tidy and neatly tiled bathroom is a must for your beautiful cozy house to support its comfort. We have penned down for you some unique bathroom tile choices to consider.  

Also, some valuable tips before choosing tiles are included to help you make a wise decision. Let’s start.

3D Tiles

3D tiles are becoming popular as bathroom tiles because of their durability, pressure handling, and reliability features. These tempered glass tiles have three-dimensional images printed on them. You can install them on your bathroom walls, in the shower, or backsplash to add a pleasant look to your bathroom. Go for large format tiles on the floor to complete the look. 

Textured Tiles

If you want to give a more comprehensive look to your small bathroom, we recommend you go for textured tiles. These tiles are ceramic or porcelain and provide a raised or embossed feel at the touch. You can use linear or structured textures to give an elongated sense to your bathroom. They will provide more grip to your walking if used on the floor. Also, they are scratch-resistant and moisture repellant. 

Pattern Tiles

If you are interested in a different look for your bathroom, go for a featured wall with pattern tiles on it or an attention-grabbing statement floor. You can use patchwork design, herringbone pattern, always classy checkerboard pattern, or vintage style. Choices of colors and designs for pattern tiles are unlimited. 

Fake Tiles

Yes, you read it right—fake tiles. You might be thinking about what type of tiles this is? Well, there is no such type. You can draw customized graphic wall tiles or patterns on the wooden floor. This is the best idea for you if you have an artistic mind or you want a tile design that no one else has. 

Shaped Tiles

Shaped tiles are always in fashion, no matter what size your bathroom is. You can choose penny hexagon tile for a small bathroom floor and subway tile for walls and give it a spacious look. Square, rectangle, hexagon, and diamond-shaped tiles are available in different sizes and colors. Just choose one of them, go for half tile and half paint look, add borders with tiles, and a perfect-looking bathroom is ready.

Now let’s look at some valuable tips that you must consider before buying the tiles.

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

  1. Space: If you renovate the small bathroom, choose light colors to create a comprehensive look. e.g., you can opt for white, off-white, or grey marble-looking tiles on walls with mix and match checkerboard tiles on the floor.
  1. Durability and Feel: Beauty is not the only criteria for choosing bathroom tiles. Look for the durable ones that also give a semi-glossy or matt feel. 
  1. Anti-skid and Water Repellent: If looking at the tiles for the shower floor, choose the tiles that are water repellent and non-slippery.
  1. Price: Always look for the best value for money rather than cheap or expensive tiles. 


You can always create a soothing and relaxing look in your bathroom by just putting in a bit of effort. Choose the bathroom tile’s size, shape, and color according to the space. Many other options are also available, but we have listed the unique and classic choices for any bathroom. You can also add a small rug, an indoor plant, and curtains to your bathroom to complement the tiles. 

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